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What elephant in the room?  I just need a fly swatter!

Confused about all the dietary recommendations out there? Meanwhile, time is passing, and we’re not getting any younger! Hint: look for the obvious, but check out the quality of the latest scientific and historical research behind it.

So what’s the elephant? In the United States, and now all over the world, people have faithfully followed the advice of health and nutrition professionals, leading medical associations, and the American and other governments for the past 50 years, and yet are fatter and sicker than ever. What’s the main point of all those recommendations? That “eating fat makes you fat” and causes heart disease. The truth is that while butter, salt and egg yolks may or may not be just “flies” for some people, the elephant is what industrial farms, the food and beverage industries and (supposedly to mop up the mess), “big pharma” and most of the medical establishment have been stuffing down our throats all this time. Other comparatively minor questions include whether to eat exclusively vegetables (vegetarian/vegan), whether they should be only raw and what we call fruit nowadays (raw vegan, fructivorous), or also (or even mostly – see Dr. Atkins and Paleo) meat, dairy products and eggs.

Are healthy food and healthy eating the same thing as “health food”? What is optimum nutrition? Is the Mediterranean diet a model? How important is it to lose belly fat, and what is the best way to lose weight? Nutrition data and facts are needed, not just opinions. And how does all this relate to the prevention and cure of cancer, heart disease and type II diabetes (“adult” diabetes – now also rife among children and adolescents!)?

Already in 2016 there have been three major “summits” related to real food, bringing together some of the top authorities in the field (including Mark Hyman, MD, director of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine, at the Cleveland Clinic – one of the largest and most highly reputed heart facilities in the world – and author of the extremely well documented best seller, Eat Fat, Get Thin. These experts’ contributions are discussed in the free regular newsletters sent to people who sign up at www.realfood4healthandweightloss.com.

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